Khan Academy Reflection

HTML and CSS are programs that help make our websites creative and fun. I think it is a great tool to use if you are interested in making a website.

HTML is a system to change the color, font, and graphic stuff. Some basic rules to HTML are headings, which are <h1> and you can end it like </h1>. It also can down to <h6> and </h6>. You can also do the paragraph tag which is <p> and </p>. You can also break lines which is <br> </br> and add an image is <img> </img>. I learned a lot of how to code and insert stuff into my web page to make it my own and to make it creative.

My HTML Spin Off

Next I did, CSS, which is a program to add in fonts, colors, and organizing things into groups and classes. Some basic rules to CSS are making different fonts, like bold which is <strong> and </strong>. To make italics you can do the tag <em> and </em>. Also to make a class to color a whole section you go into the tag <p> and add <p class=”  “> and in the quotations you make up a name for the class. After that, you make a tag to style/ color it, which is <style> and </style>. Then in between the two tags you put a dot “.” and next to it you put the name of the class. Let’s say you wanted to name the class food. So what you would do is go into the style tag and put : .food {color=rgb(”  “)}. That is how you color the words, and rgb is what you use to get a specific color. To do the background color you do: .food {background-color=rgb(”  “)}. I loved using CSS because I felt as if I learned how to do more creative stuff, and it was more fun.

My CSS Spin Off


Key Events

For this assignment, we had to create a website about a person who has changed history with technology. Me and Marissa chose to do IBM’s Watson, also known as the famous game show, Jeopardy! We found out that the creator is David Ferrucci. In 2007, he started exploring of how design a computer system that can rival human champions at the game Jeopardy! I learned that Watson is a question answering computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language. Also,did you know that 90% of nurses in the field who use Watson now follow its guidance.

I also learned about other inventors, like Steve Jobs, which other people worked on. Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. In fact, the first apple computer was invented by Wozniak, and Steve was in charge of advertising the product. The product was $666.66 and they ended up receiving $774,000.

I also learned about the creator of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of the famous facebook. In February 24, 2004, is when facebook was first launched. Mark now has a 50.4 billion USD as of 2016 net worth.


Our Key Events!



In this project we made a survey about anything really. I made mine about food. I sent my survey to every student in the classroom and only 13 people responded. My first question was, What’s your favorite fruit? 5 people, or 41.7% said they preferred watermelon over the other options. The next question was What’s your favorite Dessert? 4 people chose brownies over everything else, and was the most popular answer. Next, I said Write a few sentences on what you eat on Thanksgiving and people mainly said stuff like turkey,stuffing, and green bean casserole. Then I told people to choose their favorite meat, and the highest answer was chicken with 53.8%. Next was What’s your favorite meal? There were lots of different answers, but the majority had to do with chicken or some type of meat. Then I did, What’s your favorite ice cream? The top results were chocolate with 33.3% and cookies and cream with 33.3%. Then I put What is your favorite vegetable? 38.5% of people like to enjoy broccoli. Lastly, I said, do you like food? The main answer was yes, there were no no’s, and there were lots of people who put others.

This project was fun to make and it was really fun to take the surveys, although only like 4 people sent me their surveys. Overall this was a good project because it taught me a way of how to make a survey or a quiz with different types of question ways. This project taught me a lot of how to use google forms.

My Survey!

Citation Reflection

For this project we had to make citations of  websites, pictures, and videos. To make these citations I used easybib, or you could also use Bibme, Cite me, and Citation Machine. In this project I learned how to create citations, and how to make other adjustments to do a citation for pictures or videos by just looking at the picture/film and filling in the information ourselves. If you want to see my document of citations it will be down below.  I will also link below the MLA citation guide. I’ll go over some of it though. One of the rules is to put your citations in alphabetical order, which I made sure I did. Also, you need to add the link of the website you got what ever you citated from. And I’ll go over one last one, it is good to put the publishers name in the citation. If there is no publisher shown on the page, it’s no big deal, just don’t put anything. And that is what I learned and now what I know how to do. So click the links below to see my citations and the guidelines to make citations.



MLA Guide!:

DreamRoom Summary

For our newest project we had to make a spread sheet and buy stuff for our dream bedroom. We had a budget of $5000 to buy essentials and things we wanted. I did not spend my whole $5000, which is good in my opinion. I bought a bed frame with bed spread and pillows, I got a dresser and some decorations, and of course a make-up desk with make-up. I think it was useful using formulas or else we would’ve had to add up everything and find the average all by ourselves and do math which is annoying adding stuff like that up. One formula I got to use is how much money I spent, which is sum=() and where ever the bars are with the total money. I spent $4998 on my room. You had to spend more than $4995 or everything would’ve been taken away. So last minute I bought so many of one thing, like I bough 20 tubes of mascara, 2 mattresses, etc. It’s all good though, the more the merrier. I went for a blue-ish grey-ish kind of thing and it all turned out to be all good. I bought a really expensive tv which was amazing, it was the most expensive thing I bought, but it was worth it.  I loved this project and I think it was very fun, but also very stressful and hard.

Spread Sheet:

Assignment 4a – Debate

There are many pros and cons of wearing uniforms to school, as well as opinions. Well I wanted to tell you all the pros and cons, and my personal opinion opinion on uniforms.

One pro is that uniforms increase students self esteem. The reason why it increases self esteem is that kids don’t have to worry about finding the perfect clothes to impress each other and prevent kids making fun of their clothes. It also helps students learn what is on the inside of people, not just judging them by their clothes. Another pro of uniforms is that kids don’t have to worry if their clothes are not following the dress code, because they wouldn’t give you inappropriate clothing. Plus, kids won’t be getting away with wearing clothes that don’t follow the dress code. Such as gang symbols and weapons or just inappropriate clothing . Students would also be able to find where the students are on field trips and social outgoing events, because they are all wearing the same articles of clothing.

On the other hand, there are always cons. Some cons are that students wouldn’t be able to express who they are with their clothing. Also, kids could still be made fun of while wearing the uniform because some kids are larger than others, or paler than others. School uniforms also cost a lot of money. You have to buy at least more than one uniform, and sometimes it costs more than what you usually buy for school clothing. And some families can barely afford normal clothes. Lastly, students may not feel comfortable in the uniforms. For example, many girls do not like wearing skirts or blouses, and want to wear pants a t-shirt.

In my opinion, I think  uniforms are okay. I mean, I wouldn’t mind them if we had to have them. It would be easier for me to pick out clothes because I usually waste a lot of time trying to pick out clothes that don’t look trashy. Having uniforms would decrease that time I waste in the morning and actually give me time to eat with out having to wake at 4 or 5 AM. But I would probably be very uncomfortable. That’s why I disagree on uniforms. They do have some good pros, but on the other hand they would be itchy, cost a lot, and kids wouldn’t be able to express them selves. So I am against school uniforms, and I am glad we don’t have to wear them.


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http://”Education World: Can Uniforms Save Our Schools?” Education World: Can Uniforms Save Our Schools? Education World, 11 Apr. 1998. Web. 21 Oct. 2016.

My comments:

Assignment -4 Cell Phone Use

Assignment #4~Spirit wear

Assignment #3 – Digital Footprint Print Presentation


This is a screen shot of our video about digital footprint. It is very cringe-y as you kids say it these days. It is about how the blonde girl  (me) , posts an embarrassing video of the girl in red (Marissa). The girl in red then tells the girl in blonde how posting that video is going to affect their futures trying to get jobs and etc. She talks about how she should be more careful next time when she posts a picture and video that it is not going to affect her future, or if she has approval to post the picture/video. You should always have approval from some one if you want to post something. A digital footprint is A digital footprint is a trail of data that you create when using the internet. It tracks your emails and the information you submit to online services. Be careful posting things online or sending something to people, you could ruin your or your friends reputation with one click.

I watched


Landon-Hannah E


We liked their videos because they explained how to be careful with what you post online and how it can affect your future.

Assignment 2a- Blogging Safety

Online blogging safety is very important to follow. You have to make sure you don’t spread any personal information online. What goes on the internet, stays on the internet. Be careful to watch what you post.

Here is a list of online safety tips:

  1. Don’t share you password, even with your best friends
  2. Be careful with what you post online, it could give you a bad reputation
  3. If someone makes you uncomfortable online, block them and walk away
  4. Don’t put your phone number, address, or full name online
  5. Don’t link your personal accounts on a school account, you could reveal information you don’t people to know
  6. If you want to share your opinion to someone, make sure it is not offensive
  7. Do not use bad language on your school blog, this is for learning, not goofing around
  8. Don’t write about someone else without their permission


A school policy for technology is electronics is a privilege, not a right.


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Assignment #1 – Blog Avatar


This doesnt really look like me because the hair is longer and they didnt have glasses. This didnt have a lot of options but its the closest it looks to me.

I have a dirty blonde- brownish hair color.

Blue-grayish eyes

Pink sweatshirt, because i love sweatshirts.

I have a star background because im a STAR!

I like food, softball, and cheer.