Portfolio- The Contender

In English class we are reading  a novel called The Contender. This book is about a guy wanting to learn how to box or fight to get over his fears, mainly to fight the people he was running from. So far I like this book, it is very interesting. One main point of this book is the black and white people, basically still disagreeing. For example, in the book, some friends of the main character, who are black, robbed the grocery and the white police came really fast and arrested the main characters best friend. Then a little after that some one says something like “The cops always surround the white’s stores” or close to that. That shows that cops were caring about the stores ran by white people.

My class is only up to chapter 3 right now. What happened so far is what I said up above, then the main character (Alfred) is running from the other people who robbed the store because Alfred forgot to tell them that the store had robbery sirens, which is why the cops came right away. So now the other people are trying to hunt Alfred down so they can beat him up for not telling them there was an alarm.

From this book I have learned how unfair whites were to blacks, also how sketchy and ratty of places they were forced to live. I really like this book, it’s really nice, I can’t wait until I finish the book!


Portfolio- Math

In math class we are working on how to find the slope of a line. It is really easy to do. Using numbers they would give us like: (2,3)(3,2) . Then you do an equation Y2-Y1 over X2-X1. You will then get -1 over 1. That means your answer and the slope of the line is -1. To find the Y intercept on a table, you must find 0 and see what is next to it, like let’s say on a table it is 0,6. That means the Y intercept is 6.

From this assignment and this unit I learned how to find the slope of a line. I thought I was going to be really bad at it, but it turns out it is really easy. It just takes some time to get it down. Of course I didn’t master it yet, but I’m getting better.

Down below is a classwork we did. We had to find the slope and the Y-intercept on a graph. I already told you how to find the slope, but now I have to tell you how to get the Y. So first you look on the Y line, and try to find a perfect spot that matches between two lines. Let’s say when line passes over +4  the Y-intercept would be 4. So now from above, the equation would be y=-1x + 4.


Portfolio- Music Sheets

In band we are working on a few sheets of music. I actually enjoy them and they sound cool. We are playing songs like “The Christmas Song”, “Abandoned Treasure Hunt”, “You’re A Mean One Mr.Grinch”, and “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. I really like playing these songs because I love Christmas song. The only song that isn’t Christmas-y is Abandoned Treasure Hunt. It is a really fun up-beat song. We are all the way through Abandoned Treasure Hunt and Grinch. We are pretty close on all of the other songs.

In my personal opinion, my favorite songs we are playing is “You’re A Mean On Mr.Grinch” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. They are my favorite Christmas songs in general so playing them is even better.

Down below I took pictures of my music I am playing, I do not have a picture of “The Christmas Song” because I forgot it in band when I took these pictures. These songs are really cool, and its takes a lot of effort but it is worth it in the end.

In these song pieces I learned how to play to the high notes that I was never able to hit last year. These songs have a lot of high notes so it helps me practice more and get better at my high notes.

img_4768  img_4767  img_4769


Portfolio- Islam Timeline

For my project for the Islam Timeline we drew pictures for every event that happened in order, we put the date, and we wrote about what happened. Like for example, we had to put that Muhammad died first, and put how there was panic in the community and chaos, because they did not know how to choose a new leader. Then we put how they chose new caliphs and who they were: Abu-Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali were the first four caliphs. Then we just put more information about how different groups like the Umayyads took power and what lands they conquered.

In this project I learned about Muhammad’s life from birth to death. He was born in a clan and his parents both died off, he was officially an orphan by age 6. Muhammad was very lucky though that his uncle took him in. He was also very lucky because his uncle was the chief of the clan. Muhammad was a very fortunate kid, and he felt sorrow for the orphans and lonesome kids. So when he grew older, he spread a new religion, which was Islam. He made five pillars(Basically the Islamic version of the 10 commandments) to go along with his religion that he helped spread. The angel Gabriel told him about the religion, and that Muhammad is the prophet of God.  All of the pillars had a special meaning behind them, facing towards struggles and goals that his clan went through. One of the pillars were charity, and that meant giving to the poor. Shortly after, Muhammad died. The community went crazy, and was full of chaos. That’s when the community wanted a new caliph, and they were choosing between Abu-Bakr and Ali. Abu-Bakr was the new caliph and he was the father in-law. Then he got assassinated, Then Umar was the new caliph. Then he got assassinated. Then Uthman was the next caliph, and guess what, he got assassinated. Then Ali became the next caliph. The one people wanted to be the first caliph, and so surprising, he got assassinated. Then a group of people called the Umayyads took power later after the death, and that is basically all that is on the timeline that my group did. There is plenty more information, but I don’t want this to get too long.

It was a fun project to do, but we did have to rush because we were not given enough time. Here are some pictures of our project:

part-1      part-2      part-3


We ended getting a 100 and I was very proud. As you can see it is not colored in as well as the first one, which we took our time on rather than rushing like the other ones.