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In math class we are working on how to find the slope of a line. It is really easy to do. Using numbers they would give us like: (2,3)(3,2) . Then you do an equation Y2-Y1 over X2-X1. You will then get -1 over 1. That means your answer and the slope of the line is -1. To find the Y intercept on a table, you must find 0 and see what is next to it, like let’s say on a table it is 0,6. That means the Y intercept is 6.

From this assignment and this unit I learned how to find the slope of a line. I thought I was going to be really bad at it, but it turns out it is really easy. It just takes some time to get it down. Of course I didn’t master it yet, but I’m getting better.

Down below is a classwork we did. We had to find the slope and the Y-intercept on a graph. I already told you how to find the slope, but now I have to tell you how to get the Y. So first you look on the Y line, and try to find a perfect spot that matches between two lines. Let’s say when line passes over +4 ┬áthe Y-intercept would be 4. So now from above, the equation would be y=-1x + 4.


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