In this project we made a survey about anything really. I made mine about food. I sent my survey to every student in the classroom and only 13 people responded. My first question was, What’s your favorite fruit? 5 people, or 41.7% said they preferred watermelon over the other options. The next question was What’s your favorite Dessert? 4 people chose brownies over everything else, and was the most popular answer. Next, I said Write a few sentences on what you eat on Thanksgiving and people mainly said stuff like turkey,stuffing, and green bean casserole. Then I told people to choose their favorite meat, and the highest answer was chicken with 53.8%. Next was What’s your favorite meal? There were lots of different answers, but the majority had to do with chicken or some type of meat. Then I did, What’s your favorite ice cream? The top results were chocolate with 33.3% and cookies and cream with 33.3%. Then I put What is your favorite vegetable? 38.5% of people like to enjoy broccoli. Lastly, I said, do you like food? The main answer was yes, there were no no’s, and there were lots of people who put others.

This project was fun to make and it was really fun to take the surveys, although only like 4 people sent me their surveys. Overall this was a good project because it taught me a way of how to make a survey or a quiz with different types of question ways. This project taught me a lot of how to use google forms.

My Survey!

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