About Me

Hey there pals, it’s Meghan! I’m here to tell you about my life because that is always fun. Well, I like playing some sports, only the ones I like. Otherwise, I like to sit at home and watch YouTube. That’s pretty fun to do. The sports I attempt to play are cheer and softball. Don’t even try to fight with me that cheer isn’t a sport, because it is. For cheer I am cheering for ORR this season, and it is the last year i’m cheering. That’s okay though, because I do softball which i’m gonna do in high school. For softball, I play for South coast girls softball. My team last season won the championship, it was pretty cool. One thing I like about softball is that every time we win a game, we go out for ice cream. But when we won the championship, we got pizza and ice cream.

Another thing about me is, I like to watch Netflix and YouTube a lot and eat, because food is just great. I also like to go to Taco bell and walk around a lot with my best friend Kristen.

I think that is all that happens in my life, I don’t do a lot so that’s cool. Okay have a cringe-filled time at my blog.

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